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Coversol specializes in creating custom-made commercial awnings, canopies, covered parking structures and tension fabric structures in either fabric, aluminum or steel. We design and manufacture for projects worldwide and install commercial products within the south eastern United States.

Custom Fabric Canopy in Tampa, FL


Let's define the difference between an awning and a canopy.


Typically, an awning is attached to a building without any support columns.

Custom Fabric Canopy Tampa, Fl

A canopy, on the other hand, utilizes columns to support all or a portion of its weight.

Custom Fabric Canopy Tampa, Fl

Canopies can be constructed of steel or aluminum framing and covered by many different types of materials. The most frequently-used covers are aluminum panels or fabric (vinyl or canvas). Coversol is highly qualified build a custom fabric canopy from Tampa, FL for you. We can also make aluminum covers.

Our Sales/Design staff will give you an unbiased recommendation of materials that best meet your needs.

Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the two most common covers:

Advantages Disadvantages


Fabric Cover: More aesthetically pleasing, with more colors and design options. Periodic cleaning necessary.

 5-10 year lifespan. Fabric can be torn.

 Can be designed to fit curved or irregular walkways, patios, etc. Fabric can stain or fade.

 Slight wrinkling provides texture and shadows.

 Custom fabric is removable in the event of a hurricane.

 Can be used for signage.

 Fresh Fabric -- new colors easily added to the frame.

 Much easier to repair than aluminum.


Aluminum Cover: Long life expectancy. Paint fades after 2-3 years.

 Built-in gutters. Aluminum bends and dents easily.

 More impervious to inclement weather. Limited design options.

 Limited colors.


Smoking Shelters

We offer an array of various sizes and styles of smoking shelters in Tampa, FL, or we will manufacture to your design.


Offices are moving employers away from the entrance to designated smoking areas.

Smoking Shelters Tampa, FL

Many states and cities are prohibiting smoking in all indoor areas. For restaurants, a canopy is an excellent way to draw smoking customers without offending nonsmokers or violating laws or ordinances. Such a canopy will also add extra seating.

Custom Fabric Canopy Tampa, Fl

Two-tiered design allows smoke and heat to escape rapidly.

An excellent way to increase ambiance is with an outdoor seating section.

All of our structures are designed to be shipped. A local contractor can accomplish installation, or we can send one of our experienced crews or a supervisor to assist with installation.


Canopy-Covered Walkways and Driveways

Another canopy that has grown in popularity is the walkway cover. They are used in schools, office buildings and amusement parks to protect against inclement weather. Those institutions looking for a more pleasant appearance or unusual design employ custom fabric-covered walkways.

This unique design is for a dropoff area for a large condominium.

This unique design is for a dropoff area for a large condominium.